Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adeus Ashlyn!

Well ladies and gentlemen, Ashlyn Vilate Trussel is no longer with us. She has passed on to a higher and happier place called the Provo Missionary Training Center after which she will continue on to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil or if her visa doesn't get here soon enough, possibly Orem, Utah (I'd be totally okay with that). As her oldest and wisest sister, it is my honor to be the official publicist for all things related to Ashlyn and her mission. Meaning I have complete artistic control of what is posted on this blog muahahahahahahaha. But don't worry I'll try to keep everything appropriate...sometimes. If anything it's going to be one heckuva of a show that's for sure. If you don't feel like you really know who Ashlyn is, you are going to by the end of this whole experience I guarantee it. Be prepared to meet sides of Ashlyn that have never emerged from the deepest and darkest corners of her soul. Let's begin.

Without further ado, let's start from the beginning of the end, where Ashlyn entered the Provo MTC on Wednesday July 10th, 2013. She arrived in Salt Lake City at approximately 10:20 AM where she was greeted by her lovely...I mean loving sister Kailey and Kailey's dear friend Jarett Brock who so graciously and selflessly provided chauffeuring services for the girls the entire morning and afternoon as well as donated insightful advice to the young grasshopper as he has recently returned from serving a mission in Oaxaca, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The rest of the story will be told through several unnecessary pictures and video recordings at the request of Ashlyn's mother.

the last supper. at zupas of course.
ashlyn and her best friend jarett


the last nap

classic davenport picture

the last normal picture we see of kailey before she turns into a scary blender of emotion

Here are some clips right before we dropped her off! Don't ask why there isn't actually video of her getting out of the car and leaving because someone who shall remain anonymous out of safety for her own life accidentally deleted it and she is very sorry Mom I didn't mean to. Please also try to ignore my pathetic weeping and silly snuffling and random gibberish. 

the last hug

cute crying was never a strength for trussels
i look like i'm going to throw up but ash is fine
 thank goodness she didn't shed a tear saying goodbye to me

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  1. jajajajaja this is killer. also you look reeeeeally good.