Thursday, July 18, 2013

Go home Portuguese, you're drunk!


E-mail time is super stressful because there is like a timer and it's stressing me out and I'm dying. 

But lets just start shall we?

I'm LOVING the MTC. It is seriously so fantastic. I love being a missionary so much. It's my favorite thing ever. I love it almost as much as I love being a mom, which by the way, can someone check on my abandoned triplets? Thanks (lol who says you cant be funny on a mission??). Like I don't even want to call it my dumb mission because it's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Obragada for the letters! (Obragada is thank you in Portuguese, see I'm already fluent) I get like 7 a day and everyone in my district hates me for it and I'm like "SORRY I WAS THE MOST POPULAR GIRL AT BYU OKAY it's not my fault I'm popular". Anyways I LOVE my district. It is seriously the most fun thing every day of my stupid life. MIKILAH ALL OF THE OTHER BYU FRIENDS, CAMERON HELVEY AND BRADLEY BARNES ARE IN MY DISTRICT. WE HAVE MORE FUN THAN ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WE LAUGH THE WHOLE TIME. And then Bradley gets mad at me because I call him Bradley and not Elder Barnes but I'm like whatevs yolo I don't even curr. And then Elder Helvey and I just crack jokes and get the whole class laughing but our district leader Elder Larkin who we call "Harvard" because he went to Harvard death glares us but then I say something spiritual and he loves me again. Anyways it's so fun, I have the serious best district in the world and I'm obsessed with all of them, most of them are strange and weird. But in like the funniest way possible. Everyday is literally the best day of my life. I'm also seeing ALL of my friends from BYU and it's fantastico.

Most of the time I'm like "HURRAH FOR ISRAEL, but then sometimes I'm like "death to America". But everything is fine, I'm good. And the MTC is a great time to struggle with this because you're with your district practically 24/7 so I can find strength in my best friends in the district and laugh about stuff with Elder Helvey. He is seriously the best person in the world to have in my district. I literally die of laughter every day and we talk in Portuguese and it's such a joke. I cannot stress how much i hate Portuguese. ITS LIKE THIS IS 2013 OKAY WHY ISN'T THE WHOLE WORLD SPEAKING ENGLISH WE ARE THE SUPERIOR LANGUAGE. BRASIL YOU NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT OKAY. 

A lot of people here don't get letters so I really appreciate them. It makes me so happy. ALSO I SAW COLLIN AND CARSON AND IT WAS SO FUNNY MIKILAH I DIED. Collin and I were actually quite civil to each other. I wrote you about it. And Carson and I ignored each other the first time but then we talked and it was funny and nice. 

Portuguese is the language of the devil. I hate it. Its like Spanish on crack with daddy issues. But haha on you dad because like 6 people in my district have told me that they think that I'm the best in the class and I didn't even study before like you told me to and I don't even study during our 7 hours of study time a day and I still rock it. But I'm humble about it so it's cool. Everything is pronounced weird, like pode is pronouced po-G. and de is pronouced G half the time and it's all dumb and I hate it. Except for I'm great at it. Ah the struggles. But it's super beautiful and sounds Italian and I like it. Baptismo is pronounced baptchismo and so I always say it and use Italian hand gestures and then say "Mamma mia baptchismo!" and everyone's like you're not Italian Sister Trussel and I'm just like you don't know muhh life back off. Lol jk my district loves me it's great. 

It's crazy how much you learn here. Mainly because we have 15 hour days of studying. But honestly in a week I've probably learned more than 1 whole year of a high school language class.

The days are long but it's weird because on one hand it feels like I've been here for a year and on the other it feels like it's been 2 hours. It's crazy how time works here. 

I'm doing fine on the sleeping schedule actually. I'm the first to bed and the last to wake up and then I take naps in class while the rest of my district judge me and it's grand because I don't even curr.

Mom thanks for all of your letters. I love them. I legit got over 20 today and so it was hard to read them all but ya sure just send me stuff. ESPECIALLY SPORTS BRAS BECAUSE WE DIDN'T PACK ANY. Haha you're going to be mad that i didn't give you specifics.

I absolutely adore the girls in our district. Sister Hess is like my soul mate and we just laugh all of the time. Last night she was like "did you date a lot" and I was like "uhhh well kind no not at all" and she was like "I don't understand that because I just love you so much and think you're great and I would want to be around you all of the time." And so we're going to date when we get back. It will be great. The best part is she is going to Rio too so I don't even have to say goodbye after the MTC.

Everyone is jealous that we get to go to Rio. Our branch president was like "It's so cool that you all get to go to Brazil, especially you girls going to Rio, didn't you luck out?"
We have to study straight up 13 hours a day and it's death because it's like studying goes against everything that I believe in okay?

My teacher is the best teacher in the MTC, I'm obsessed with him and will marry him for time and all eternity. LAWLZ JK, but all of the other girls are obsessed with him. He's a babe. And he has a beautiful accent. And he knows Portuguese which is better than all of us. His name is Elder Whittaker. 

The MTC is different than I expected. I mean it's still strict but nothing is enforced and you can honestly do whatever you want all of the time. Like you always have stuff to do but no one forces you to do it. It's like real life free agency. Which I like. Because we're obedient anyways. 

ALSO THE MTC MAKES YOU SO MUCH BETTER. Like I never enjoyed reading the scriptures and now I am seriously devouring them. It's my favorite time of the day when we get to read. I started over when we got here and I'm already on Alma 30 and I just get so much out of them.

To all of the non-Mormons out there, get baptized. It's the greatest thing that will ever happen to you. But if you don't i mean i still love you. 

Some people here are so funny. They are like so competitive and are like "I CAN MEMORIZE THE WHOLE GOSPEL AND I STUDY PORTUGUESE AND I'M BETTER THAN YOU" and I just laugh. because we all know that I am secretly better than them. And it's not even a secret. 

So the third day we had to give a lesson totally in Portuguese and it was a straight up disaster. My companion and I read off of a script the whole time and it was supposed to be 30 minutes and ours was legitimately 6. Legitimately 6. But then on Monday we had to teach a second one and our teacher was like "having the spirit and loving your investigators is way more important that speaking Portuguese well. And so I just focused on that and did the entire thing without a script and it was SO AWESOME. Like seriously one of the best experiences of my life. Anyways at the end we were all supposed to ask him if he would pray for us and he said yes to us! We were the only companionship in the entire district that got him to pray! It was so awesome I died. I seriously was on such a high. And then Elder Colvin was like super jealous and he was like "It's just because you're girls" and I was like "I'll shoot you Elder Colvin" except for I didn't because missionaries have to love everyone.

Okay so I forget what else I'm supposed to say this is hard there is just so much. 

Mikilah-You are the best person in the entire world. I love all your letters. Every time something funny happens I want to text you about it but I can't and it's been the biggest struggle of my entire mission. I haven't seen Afton yet, but maybe tonight at the devotional. I have seen Austin a bunch of times though and he is doing swell, so don't fret young one. I just sent you a letter so expect it. I also sent Jessica one but I bet she's in Mexico by now so can you send me her Mexico address and dear elder her and tell her about Elder Helvey. She'll be jealous. You'll love it here. I think about how much you'll love it here all of the time. And honestly it's so cool that you're going English speaking. Because you just get so hyped on the gospel and you love it and then you go to teach and you can't even express how much you love it and it's super frustrating. English speaking you can really just teach from your heart and I'm jealous for you. Also your aunts wrote me! It was so sweet I died. Please write them back and tell them that I love them and miss them and to stop farting its inappropriate. And I love your letter about church! I was so happy for you! Can't wait to see you soon! IT WILL BE SO FUN SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS AND REPORT TIME THE MOMENT YOU KNOW IT.

Kailey- You're dead to me. You haven't written me once and I'm over you. JK I LOVE YOU MISS YOU PLEASE WRITE ME BE GOOD SORRY MOM IS SMOTHERING YOU. But don't come visit me at the temple because apparently they are really against that stuff. Also tell Jarett I love it here and thanks for all of his advice.

Brooke- Thanks for your letter. Love you. Love you forever. Keep me updated on Kate.


Shannon-YOUR PACKAGE MADE MY LIFE. I wrote you a letter telling you all of my gratitude but here it is again, I thought that the package would just be my contacts but then it was from you and I died. It literally almost made me cry. And then the box was rattling so we spent the entire day passing it around the district trying to guess what it was because we can't open mail or packages until 9:30 at night and it was so funny and then your sweet card made me die and you make me die and I love you so much thanks forever best roommate ever. I'm sending your letter today so expect it soon.

Katie-You are dead to me. Write me you idiot. And tell me what you tweeted about me.

Paige- You're semi dead to me. You only wrote me once and it was short and I was annoyed but then your goodbye letter made me cry and I just love you so much and you're my best friend in the entire world. And it's true we are soul mates but it's like write me more because I'm annoyed.

LATIKA- Love you girl, thanks for your e-mail. Hope the curry is treating you well. Start using Dear Elder to write me though because we don't have a ton of time on e-mail so it's easier to read if you Dear Elder. But seriously, thanks for your goodbye letter too. I liked how you said "We were never the pretty or popular girls at school", it really warmed my heart. Because I was unaware that I wasn't pretty. So thanks for that. 

Ah shoot I'm forgetting who else wrote to me. If you did however, I will write you a handwritten letter so expect that. 

Mommy- Oh my dear sweet mommy, I just love you so much. Thanks for all of your letters. Don't stop I love them all. I miss you but I'm just loving it so much that I don't even want to come home. Except for sometimes. But I'm so happy and don't worry and I'm loving it and it's going great. Love you so much thanks for being so good about writing me! I'm going to try to upload pictures today but I need to buy an adapter for my camera thing and so it might have to wait until next week. Sorry! But I promise you I'm  not being frumpy and I sometimes even wear jewelry. So you've done your job as a mother.

Daddy- Thanks for writing me. Not. It's rude. But don't worry I still love ya. So I forgot to upload music onto the memory card that you got me lol. SORRY. So idk can you fix that because you're my dad and I love you and you fix things.

Macey and Mckenna- Glad you had so much fun at camp! Miss you both and write me more. Seriously. it's letter a week? Pathetic. Your guys' job can be to keep me updated on what's going on because you just know nothing in the MTC. You never leave and the world could be ending and I would have no idea.

Sam- I love you the most little brother. Stay sweet you handsome boy man you. 

To all of the other friends who didn't write me? You're dead to me. 



-Sister Trussel

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