Friday, August 16, 2013

and the winner is........

soooooo because there is no visa I got my stateside reassignment today!

The lucky winner is Cleveland Ohio! At first i had no opinion of this because its like i often forget that Ohio is even a state but I've been thinking about it and I'm so hyped!!! its just like, i have no idea what Ohio is really but don't ya just see me there?! I sure do. I'm super stoked. I leave Tuesday morning at 2:30 am so mom get ready for a phone call. Anyways Ill be there from Tuesday until i get my visa. The mission is all of northern Ohio and a little bit of Pennsylvania.

Hess has to go home for surgery for an absenthe or something but when she gets better she will go to south Carolina if she doesn't get her visa

helvey is going to new york new york north with Harvard. I'm a little jealous. Hil skin are you there!? look out for elder helvey and elder larkin. they are the best.

Calder is going to Ogden Utah

and sister tanton is going to LA. 

most of the other elders in my district got called to las vegas or colorado
anyways, look out for me cleveland. I'm coming for ya. 

as sister hess says 

Flee to the Cleve!!!

love you all baii!!!

P.S. if anyone has any idea where cleveland ohio is lemme know ASAP :)

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