Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Straight up HECKA MUCH Yes!!!- August 6th

ayoo i know that youre in sandpoint and everything but dont stop dear eldering me. you still have to do it every day without fail.
 everyone keeps writing me and saying that no one is updating my blog  im sick and tired of everyone failing at this at home. IM OUT FREAKING SAVING THE WORLD AND YOU GUYS CANT COPY AND PASTE A FREAKING EMAIL COME ON. im sorry that was rude. but im serious though. like update that today mom or paige or kailey. im sick of my fans not being able to know about my life.
alright lets get down to business to defeat the huns. HYA
this week was the BEST YET.  like hecka much yes. everyone in my district keeps judging me because i say straight up and hecka much and im like oh my gosh go read the bible and stop judging me you devil children. missions are the best. THE HECKA MUCH STRAIGHT UP BEST.
but seriosimo. this week was so dank. im so hyped on being a missionary like everyday im just happy and grateful for it and i look at my little name tag and my heart hurts with love. its da bomb.
and mom dont be ridiculous. i havent even been homesick at all duhh i want you to send me everything about sandpoint and bearlake. *except for one time i was homesick because im allowed to take naps at home and i cant here and that makes me physicially ill. but dont worry  mom, i still miss you a lot because youre so beautiful. will you send me pictures of you? i want to show them to my district because i really do think that youre beautiful but the only pictures i have of you on my camera are the ones i took of your crying and you dont look so swell and so send me some nice done up ones puh lease. also send baby pictures of me. like by today. dang it you wont be able to because youre in sandpoint and by the time you get back i wont be able to show them to my district. can you force kailey to do it? PLEASE.
speaking of physically ill i was physically ill this week and i have these crazy cough attacks at night and so finally sister hess was like trussel i cant sleep go to the doctor so i did and i got medicine and everything was fine.
so like our lessons have been going SO HECKA MUCH GOOD. like my companion doesnt really understand porutguese at all so i pretty much teach the entire lessons but they have been so prime. like both of our investigators are totally progressing and like feeling the spirit and its awesome. except for one lesson. that failed. it failed like so badly. pretty much we starting talking to this guy and he didnt understand why he needed to be baptized because he was already baptized in the catholic church and so i started talking to him about immersion and the priesthood and what not and then i like look over to my comp to say something and she read this scripture that pretty much said " and the holy ghost will descend upon you but it will not stay with you" and he was like uhh what? and i just stared at her for like a solid 15 seconds like what in the world are you but then i did damage control but it was awful and nothing made sense. but the next time he totally opened up to us and i just knew what to say and everyone in the world was happy and it was all good.
also Harvard has progressed from seeming slightly annoyed by me to full on hatred. i have no idea what do you. he straight up looked at me yesterday and for a second i was scared for my life. like i wouldnt have been surprised if he pulled out a knife and stabbed me right there. thats how terrifying his face was.
mikilah just got here. she lives in my building so i see her all of the time. its so prime. its like the best thing of life. ill send pics.
i really like the MTC bcause i get in these fights over things and its like ill know that im wrong but ill just keep arguing for the sake of stubbornness but we dont have the internet so no one can truly prove me wrong and so i can argue for a lot longer than i could at home. which reminds me someone look up the lyrics to are we human by the killers. like you need to end the debate. is it denser or dancer? someone find out the real answer and tell me ASAP.
I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENS BUT AT THE SAME TIME SO MUCH DOES. but also my companion is on the computer next to me so i have to like filter everything. #thestruggles
um um um um um um um what. mom im taking my vitamins chill and i dont want a new laundry bag because i love my northface one. so im sending that back. you cant make me keep it. also what else um um um um im taking my vitamins so chill. also um um um um i saw kevin HAHAHAHAH it was so funny he was right outside my classroom and i was like KEVIN?!? and then we talked and it was like what is going on with the world but yeah that happened.
yesterday elder helvey got mad at me because the teacher asked a question and i knew the answer in portuguese and he was like "Straight up. this is so dumb. i seriously have never seen Trussel study, how does she know all of this" everyone in my district is starting to say striaght up and hecka much now. it is just like when i started what what in high school. people pretend to hate it. but secretly they want it. except for Harvard, Harvard just hates it. and me.
mom make everyone at sandpoint dear elder me. especially jon. make jon do it.
Paigey your dear elder made me laugh so hard. which made Harvard hate me even more. good job idiot. im sorry i cant call people that im on my mission. but just know that i think it. and i thought it was weird that you were asked on a date. and stop having things with weird people. get your life together. also stop pretending like youre busy. we all know that youre not. its embarrassing for you sweetie. also i wish that you were here. except for i dont because you have like a lot of issues and you would die here. legitimately be struck down by lightening or something. so stay where you are but just know i miss you a lot. and yeah everywhere i look there are hot guys in suits and i just want to marry them all but i cant because im on my dumb mission and im ugly and its just a struggle on the daily. but i still have fake relationships with most of them. facebook tyler welch from ohio. he is a babe. ive never talked to him but i have talked about him a lot and i feel like that is the same thing. dont put his name in the blog. thats awkward. also I HEARD THAT JUAN PABLO IS THE BACHELOR AND I DIE THAT IS THE BEST NEWS IVE EVER HEARD. and chris won... who is chris? is that meth guy? i legitimately forget. and im glad you said that you missed me because i didnt feel like you did because you never write me and it hurts my feelings.
mom- i got my contacts my suitcase is fine i think idk my bag is fine for now dont worry bout it. also everyone wants their letter from you. we all have the same address as far as unit number and everything. the only difference is that the girls misison codes are all BRA-RIO. and then all of the boys are BRA-FOR except for shreeve, nielson, and barnes are BRA-PAN. so dear elder them or something individually because they all want letters. also send me this via dear elder today please again. also mom please update my blog. im serious. it doesnt have to be a big thing just copy and paste sweetie. just copy and paste. i lvoe the pjs by the way and my brazil sweatshirt. youre so great. you know everything i need. and your candy box to the district makes them hate me less so thanks mom. youre a star. have fun in bearlake. i wrote grandpa so call him and see if he got it.
KATELYN- oh you  babe you. your dear elder was prime. i loved it. except for you didnt have to donate money you fool its called a donation because its not required. but i appreciate it nonetheless. and i love how you guys are nice to the missionaries. get baptized. or dont. its your life. but get baptized. and then come on a misison with me. its way fun and you learn different languages and all of the guys are babes. im telling you. its the life. and yeah gurl send me pics! and they dont filter the letters lol. but it wouldnt surprise me if they did because the training center is practically jail. ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT THOUGH YAHOOO. jk im sad. send me pics. also, i think about you a lot and i miss you. sometimes when i want to kill a certani someone im like be like katelyn shes nice to everyone. so thanks for that
latika- lol i love you your letters are the best. they dont usually filter the letters but its like you are a terrorist and i know that the government is probs all over your house so it wouldnt surprise me if they did for you. hows home? hows the curry? hows your fake boyfriend who i dont believe exists. jk i do. or do i? i see indians and my heart hurt with missing for you. do you know them? i dont know their names but they are indian and so its probably like jamal or something. look them up. lol youre going to read this and stop missing me. I MISS YOU OKAY LATIKA NOW WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE???? oh gosh im a bad person. but im working on it. give me 17 more months and you will love me again okay?
mckenna- stop being a summer student. its seriously ridiculous. stop doing school. actually ive been thinking about it and i want you to go to harvard. so then maybe harvard from my district will stop hating me because we will have a bond. and so keep studying. and im not kidding. i think that you could do it so please keep studying. i really think that you cam. rubbermaid. youre ridiculous. but im serious about the harvard thing. i seriously think you can do it. good luck on tryouts. dont mess up. or you wont get into harvard and ill disown you.
macey-thanks for the letter not. dead to me.
sam-thanks for the letter not. but its okay because youre eight and dont understand the ways of the world. go buy yourself a skydancer or whatever that toy is you love. you deserve it little man. miss you love you i have your hug picture up on my wall and i hug it everyday.
dad-nice try with the dear elder. but im glad you didnt die. i really am. you really surprised us all. im going to write you today. thanks for sending me such detailed letters about you life. its almost like im there. i tell my district funny stories about you. they think that youre funny. you realy should. do you tell your workers funny stories about me? you should.
kailey-heard you got asked out on two dates you little hooch you. so proud. but dont get married until i get back. what are their names. i hope that they are something cute like wyatt or something who knows. good luck on them. remember to chew with your mouth closed. im serious. whenever i go on temple walks on tuesday mornings or sundays at like 3 i also look for you car when i cross the street. its never there. or it could be i hear you have brads car so i actually have no idea what it looks like. bring back rico.
mackenzie-youre a babe. seriously. i wish you were here to hug me.
okay ill be back on at like 1:00ish to send pics and whatnot but i love you all these are the best days of my life. at first i was like THIS IS THE LONGEST THING IN THE WORLD. but now that it has almost been a month im like missions arent even long they are just one month 18 times. and now just 17 times. we should get our reassignments on friday hopefully. we are the only brazil district in the entire MTC who hasnt gotten a single visa. i think thats hilarious and i love it. i hope i get sent to salt lake city because the food here is awful and i miss aunt heidis cooking on the daily. but yeah hopefully ill know by next email where i am going while waiting for the visa! its the best
okay love you all, please keep writing. my letters have been getting slim and its a struggle. lawlz no its not but just send me more okay? TE AMOS. i dont even know if thats portuguese but just accept it

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