Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times...My first cold sore at the MTC - week of July 30

Okay mom, first thing is first. You rock. everyone is obsessed with you. we got your package on monday and the entire district was obsessed with it and your card was funny and i was super proud of you and anyways everyone keeps telling me how lucky i am to have such an awesome mom and im like ya i know.
 also your other packages for me were the cutest things ever! i didnt even want to open them because they were wrapped so cute. And they were perfect timing because i got really sick this week and so the medicine saved me. unfortunately your cold sore medicine came too late because by the time it got here I already had a huge one growing out of my face.
This week was ROUGH. but it was also great. it started out rough but the last few days have just been so prime.
So i was sick and coughing and runny nose and tired and what not and i looked like a leper with my cold sore and it was awful. and on top of that the elders in our district were kind of being super rude and disrespectful to all of the sisters and so there was a ton of contention. I was just like ugh im over this. but then tender mercies fell out of the sky like gumdrops. it was so great.
lets start with the contention within the district. it all started with Hacky-Sac, the game of the devil. Anyways the elders play this game during gym time and its like hacky sac but you juggle it twice and then you can catch it and then you throw it and hit someone. and they had played a few times and then one day the sisters wanted to join and we did but we were new and not very good so the game went a little slower and so the elders were like "you cant play with us you make it not fun" and then the sisters got really offended and mad  and then i was like "are we in 2nd grade?" and then they just kept being rude adn leaving us places and the sisters kept being emotional and i kept crying in the bathroom about my cold sore and there was just tention and it was awkward but then i think they felt bad and were nicer and all was well with the world again.
lets start with the next worse thing. because we are stuck here in a prison our service is always somewhat mundane. but this week we got the lucky job of cleaning the bathrooms. and get this! my companion literally refused to clean the toilets! and so I got to do it all by myself! it was so swell. there is nothing i love more than waking up at 6:30 and then scrubbing the inside of 45 toilet bowls. it just warmed my little heart. especially when my companion sat there watching me. its just the best. i wish that i could do it again. i really do. it was like christmas and my birthday had a baby. thats how stoked i was on it.
the time here is just so weird. like i literally feel like ive been here for 4 months, but then i think about it and i feel like ive been ehre for 1 day. its trippy. im like on serious time drugs. sometimes im like "woah i cant imagine coming back into civilization" but then im like "ashlyn you idiot youve been gone for literally 3 weeks"
So great thing #1. On thursdays we do TRC. TRC is when you teach lessons to members around provo. so they are already mormon and they just volunteer their time and we practice teaching them as members. and we got this lady Irma Hanyne or something. and it was seriously the best 20 minutes of my life. We just had this super strong bond and she just told us all about her family and then we taught her how to pray better to better receive answers and blessings and when i was bearing my testimony on prayer she just started crying and the spirit was so strong in the room and it was amazing. and then at the end i asked her if there was anything that we could do for her and she just started crying again and was like "your testimonys have already helped me" and it was just the sweetest thing. i still get chills when i think about it.
We have a new teacher, we still have Irmo Whitaker in the mornings but now at night we have Irmo Hickman too. at first i didnt really like him but now im obsessed with him more than ive ever been obsessed with anyone in my entire life. He is seriously the best person to ever walk the earth and he just treats us so well. like he has authority but he treats us as friends. He is like straight up King Benjamin. and I want to marry him except for i dont even really because he is happily married to Holly and i just am so happy for them being happy that i dont even want to marry him but just be his best friend. and like one day he gave us this great speech about how we need to remember why we are here and not good off but take the work seriously and i just felt so guilty because i could be doing so much better at that but then tender mercy, he decided to do interviews and instead of going around the room he asked if any of us wanted to go first so i attacked him and he let me go first out of fear and it was the greatest conversation of my life. he was so helpful and supportive and im obsessed with everything about him.
LOL we know holly because i stalked her profile on stalking is the new facebook. try it out. also i saw the hancocks video and I was like OH MY GOSH I KNOW THEM IVE BEEN IN THAT BUS and no one in my district cared and i thought that it was super rude. because its like im popular
um what else what else?
oh mom its funny that you mentioned grandpa rigby because i have been thinking of him seriously all week! i love him so much. tell him im writing him a letter now and i think hes the greatest guy ever and i just miss him and love him and im so glad he is in my life.
oh last night this girl who we room with but isnt in our district started feeling sick. and then during her nightly prayer with her companion she just like collapsed and fell asleep. which was a little weird because we pray in portuguese and its like, the prayers are very long. and i dont know why but no one in the room thought that that was concerning so we just left her on the ground. but then like 10 minutes later she rose from the dead and like crawled ran to the bathroom shaking and like collapsed in the bathroom. so my companion and i ran to the main desk and asked if there was anyone there who could give her a blessing. and then they got the security medical guard men boys and like they grabbed all of the AED equipment and wheelchairs and other large mechanial things and like we ran back. and then we got back and she was like fine and the security guards looked at me like i was an idiot because i was like "HELP SHES DYING" and then she was fine. and so i was embarrassed. but then they got her medicine and gave her a blessing and she was fine. oh and one of the guys who gave her a blessing served in Jamaica with bubba, his name was r- something. he said he was bubbas zone leader. oh and it was sweet because we got to ride in a security car golf cart thing and i forgot that cars existed and so i was stoked. also lately im been really craving some fast and furious so i just pretended like i was Vin Diesal and i felt awesome. it was 30 seconds of pure bliss i tell you. pure bliss.
Visas arent coming very well. in the last like 60 people who left only like 8 got their visas. But im totally fine with being reassigned stateside except for last transfer 3 PEOPLE GOT REASSIGNED TO THEIR HOME MISSION. one in california, one in spokane, and one is seattle. the only in california literally lives 5 minutes away from his mission home. i dont know what i would do if i got sent to seattle. probably cry and jump off a bridge.
oh my companion does this super funny thing where we will meet people and then ask them where they are going and they will say like "mexico" and she will say "OH WHICH ONE" and they will say whatever, and then she will say "oh yeah well my friends older brother served in mexico. i dont kow where, and it was like 7 years ago" and its just like so great. because she says it to everyone we meet and it never gets annoying and its always funny and its just so weird that she knows someone who knows someone who served in the huge country of mexico. that never happens. its great and i love it.
so one day we were teaching a lesson to other companionships in our district and i was teaching Harvard and elder phillips and afterwards Harvard was all like "seriously, yoru portuguese is amazing. how did you do that" and im just like "oh ye of little faith. do you not know who i am? i am sister freaking trussel. i excell at life. never doubt me again" and it was great and i felt great.
i ate dinner with austin braun on sunday and it was so great to catch up and vent about stupid russion and portuguese and ya.
but then im pretty sure that i was cursed because of my pride because the next lesson i like forgot how to speak portuguese the language of the devil and now i suck agian. sorry mom. i know you dont like it when i say suck but i literally forgot everything.
OH AND TELL THE BEANS THAT THEY ARE THE BEST. the shoes they bought me are literally my saving grace. the other ones are fine but i have blisters everywhere but then i put on their shoes and its like heaven. mom bake them a cake or something and say its from me please.
Mom-thanks for your packages. you are the most beautiful mom in the whole world. sorry writing letters is hard here but im trying to get your some every couple of days. also could you send me some more pajama bottoms and a photo albums of photos of everyone and stuff. just get pics off facebook or something idk. also no we learn nothing of culture here so tell me more about the pope
dad + kailey - please write me. i really want to hear from you. also dad, i hope you dont die on the 50 miler. Also whenever we have bacon for breakfast i think of you. i think that you would like that. also kailey some people in my district said that beyonce sucked and was degrading towards women adn i didnt even care but i defended her for you. I DID IT FOR YOU BROTHER. youre welcome
paige + katie - dead to me. also did you get my letter? seriously please write me more. i never hear from you two. use dearelder. its easy and free. you guys are being selfish. and tell all of the guys to write me too. those rude babies havent sent me anything. that includes nathan and shayda.
bonnie and allie- I DIED AT YOUR LETTER. AND YOUR NECKLACE. I put it on my shelf and laugh on the daily. you guys are too great. im writing you back today so except that soon. you guys are just the best. the MTC makes you want to die at times. but its also the best. its like disneyland and prison had a baby. get hyped. except for you bonnie. because youre learning portuguese adn portuguese is the straight up worst.
katelyn-you beautiful woman you. thanks for you email. and thanks for keeping me updated baby boo. i loved it. letters are ususally easier because we get very little time to email but i appreciate mail all the same. soprry about landons cat. actually i could care less. i hate cats i wish that they would all get lost but im sorry for him all the same.
brooke+vicki-thanks for telling me about kate. not. you best be repenting and trying to make it up for me
mikilah-diagonally. did he say diagonally? GOR. IL. LA. lolololol mikilah i love you more than anything in the entire world. seriosuly your letters got me through the beginning of this week adn your talk was AMAZING. im so glad that everything went so well. AND YOURE COMING TOMORROW OH MY GOSH I COULD DIE. ADRIENNE SAID THAT SHE IS GOING TO TRY AND HOST YOU AND I WILL LOOK FOR YOU EVERYWHERE. also lol youre gonna see austin lol how strange. but seriously. youre the best friend in the entire world and yorue so ready and they are going to send you home from your mission early because youre too good at it and the world is not ready for you. seriously though im stoked for you. i love you so much youre the best friend i could ask for and im just so grateful. like seriously, your talk was amazing. also your aunts emailed me again tell them how much i love them. um what else. OH YA. lol look up matthew 15 and then read up to verse 20 and focus on verse 20 and then think of jessica ricks and then die of laughter. okay? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ILL SEE YOU TOMORROW oh also can you dear elder me all of elder helveys blog stuff i want to read it lolololololololol. HAHAHAHAHAHA AHHHHHHH good luck young one. also afton is psychotic. get her mental help.
mercedes- you beautiful daughter of God you. i did see chief perry. i got super excited to see him adn then he like gave me a monotoned head nod, if that is even possible and it was disappointing. okay and to answer your questions, bonnie and allie listen to this too, you work out every day except sunday and p day if you want and there is no music at all in the MTC but you can use headphones and listen to talks in the gym room. also bring a few hangers just like 3 or 4 because they are scarce here and just know that you wont get mail until saturday and so your family probably wont hear from you the first week. also the showers are just like helaman except for a little grosser. lemme know if you have any more questions. also you can buy a ton of stuff at the book store. so dont worry about forgetting stuff.

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