Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ashlyn's address in Cleveland

Hey Folks, Ashlyn's mom here... I wanted to give everyone Ashlyn's new address....this is  where you can send "snail mail" as opposed to email

   2040 Tennyson Ave NE #7
    Massilon, Ohio 44646

her email is the same

She would love hearing from you in any form but she gets to read your snail mail as
soon as she gets it and can re-read it etc. (Because she only has limited access to the computer and only has access on Monday's, email is a bit frustrating for her)  You can her still. (but you have to pay for the stamp now- no longer free) They are great because it is as easy as an email for you but they print it, put it in an envelope and stamp it and put it in the mail for you that day. so it is a win- win for both. You only need to type in the address above now, instead of the Provo address, and you do have to give them the money for the stamp via credit card.

There is definitely an adjustment to make when missionaries go out into the real world. No longer are they sheltered at the MTC and have such great friends and teachers etc... surrounding them... So I am sure any note or hello from home would be SOOOOOO appreciated.

Sorry this was from boring old me and no new letter to post from Ashlyn, hopefully Monday.
Thanks for reading and writing and loving Ashlyn (or not loving her, maybe she drives you crazy, but you are a little sadistic so you read her blog for kicks.) :)

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